Transform your love of the arts into advocacy for the future. A gift of any size helps ensure our world-class Company, community engagement programs, and School & Academy can continue providing access to ballet for all.

Donations are 100% tax deductible and make it possible for our historic organization to continue to innovate and remain a cornerstone of the community for generations to come. 

Help Us Dream More

Milwaukee Ballet could not realize its mission of transforming lives and connecting communities without the support of generous patrons like you. We invite you to consider donating to our 2024/25 Season-End Appeal, which ensures our ability to bring ballet to our audiences, School & Academy students, and community through various outreach initiatives.

Learn more about the lives you touch from Leading Artist Lizzie Tripp-Molina and Artist Craig Freigang, both MBSA graduates who have served our city in various community engagement programs.

Ways to Give

Giving to Milwaukee Ballet can be done in ways beyond a one-time donation.  We invite you to learn more about additional giving methods to see what best fits your financial and philanthropic goals.

Recurring Gifts

Monthly donations are a simple way to make a real impact on Milwaukee Ballet. These gifts make a difference in planning out our season by ensuring funds will be available year-round. You can support one of your favorite causes in a way that works for your budget by setting up easy payments in the amount of your choosing. 

Planned Giving

You can leave a legacy that supports the future of Milwaukee Ballet and our work in the community.  Please consider making a gift to Milwaukee Ballet in one of these ways: 

  • Include Milwaukee Ballet in your will, giving a percentage of the residue of your estate or a specific dollar amount or item of property. 
  • Name Milwaukee Ballet as a beneficiary of your retirement account – this can be as simple as contacting your financial institution for a change of beneficiary form. 
  • Name Milwaukee Ballet as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy – this can afford a practical means of making a significant gift. 

Your gift will ensure that Milwaukee Ballet continues to shine on stage, in the studio, and in the community for decades to come.  For more information, please contact us at 

Have you already planned a legacy gift to Milwaukee Ballet? Fill out the form below to let us know and become a member of our Encore Society! 

Workplace Giving

Many employers offer incentives or methods to encourage their team to give back to causes they are passionate about. Employers often will match donations made by their employees, employees’ spouses, and/or retirees, offer payroll deductions to support a cause, or participate in annual giving campaigns.

Check with your workplace to find out if they offer these opportunities! 

Gifts of Stock

For supporters that wish to make a large impact without tapping into their disposable income, giving a gift from appreciated non-cash assets may be preferable and something many may not have considered before. Under the right circumstances, a gift of stock may qualify for an income tax charitable deduction and avoid capital gains taxes. Talk to your financial advisor today about your portfolio’s qualifications and contact us at to learn more about initiating a transfer.  

Donor-Advised Funds

These funds act as a savings account reserved for charitable giving and are managed by an overarching organization who distributes gifts at the donor’s recommendation. Individuals, families, companies, foundations and other entities can start a donor-advised fund (DAF) account and there are many managing organizations to consider. 

There are many benefits to investing in a DAF, but of note is that there is a low barrier to entry (usually $5,000 or less), financial advisors handle all administrative services, donors receive a single annual tax receipt for all contributions through the fund, and they are often able to recommend distributions for as many years moving forward as they wish!

Contact your financial advisor to see if a Donor-Advised Fund would be beneficial to your philanthropic goals. 

Paypal Giving Fund

PayPal Giving Fund may be a good option for you, as many of us already have a PayPal account. As an independent 501(c)3 organization, PayPal Giving Fund collects donations along with donors’ recommendations for the charities they’d like to see their contributed funds support. PayPal provides you with a tax receipt for your donation and covers all transaction fees through their site, ensuring that 100% of each gift made is funneled through to organizations.

Our Donors

We are grateful for the many generous donors who choose to support Milwaukee Ballet each season. See our full listing of donors here.

Your Impact

The arts inspire and uplift. With a gift to Milwaukee Ballet, you do the same for us. See how your gifts have impacted our community both on and off the stage.