Guest Choreographers

Milwaukee Ballet is proud to regularly host and present works by guest choreographers, many of which are world premieres. Our repertoire is greatly enriched by the presence of local and international artistic talent from diverse professional and personal backgrounds. 


February 8 - 11 | The Pabst Theater

Milwaukee Ballet’s internationally acclaimed Genesis Choreographic Competition returns in 2024! Three choreographers will join us from around the world to compete for the chance to return and create another piece on Milwaukee Ballet in a coming season.


May 16 - 19 | The Pabst Theater

MKE MIX will see three talented female choreographers create new works on Milwaukee Ballet Company. Returning are two previous winners of the Genesis Choreographic Competition, Gabrielle Lamb and Nelly van Bommel; van Bommel’s winning piece Gelem, Gelem was seen last season in Originals.

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Past Guest Choreographers


  • Nelly van Bommel (Gelem Gelem [Originals])
  • Price Suddarth (Strangeland [Originals])
  • Timothy O’Donnell (The Kids Have Names [Originals])
  • Marius Petipa (La Bayadere [Encore])
  • Jules Perrot (Esmerelda Pas de Deux [Encore])
  • David Lichine (Graduation Ball [Encore])
  • Riccardo de Nigris (Can I Say Something [Encore])


  • Dani Rowe (Chaminade [Connect])
  • Darrell Grand Moultrie (Flight Anew [Connect])
  • Mauro de Candia (Purple Fools [Connect])
  • Price Suddarth (Aftermath [Genesis]) winner**
  • Nadine Barton (Not As We Expected [Genesis])
  • DaYoung Jung (Vignettes [Genesis])
  • Stephanie Martinez (El Maestro [Push])
  • Alejandro Cerrudo (Extremely Close [Push])
  • Aleix Mane (SixthBreatH [Push])


  • Timothy O’Donnell (Chopin Etudes [To The Pointe])
  • Marius Petipa (Le Corsaire Pas de Deux  [To The Pointe])
  • Jules Perrot (Pas de Quatre  [To The Pointe])
  • Marius Petipa (Swan Lake Pas de Quatre  [To The Pointe])
  • Timothy O’Donnell (Bolero [Genesis])
  • Mariana Oliveira (Pagliacci [Genesis])
  • Enrico Morelli (The Noise of Whispers [Genesis])
  • Trey McIntyre (A Day in the Life (Blackbird, Honey Pie, Julia) [Encore])
  • UNKNOWN McIntyre? (Don Quixote Act 3  [Encore]) 
  • Aleix Mane (ExiliO Pas de Deux  [Encore])
  • UNKNOWN  Mane? (Giselle Peasant Pas de Deux  [Encore])
  • Jimmy Gamonet (Nous Sommes  [Encore])
  • UNKNOWN Gamonet? (Raymonda  [Encore])


  • Garrett Glassman (I Do, Don't I? (Les Noces - set to Pulcinella) [Ballet Russe Reimagined])
  • Timothy O’Donnell (Sacre (The Rite of Spring) [Ballet Russe Reimagined])
  • Nicole Teague-Howell (The Firebird: Rise (The Firebird) [Ballet Russe Reimagined])


  • Kenneth Tindall (Beyond the Break [Genesis]) **AC
  • Aleix Mane (ExliO [Genesis]) **Winner
  • Cass Mortimer Eipper (Spur [Genesis])
  • George Wiliamson (Albatross [Lambarena])
  • Enrico Morelli (Compieta [Lambarena])
  • Val Caniparoli (Lambarena [Lambarena])
  • Bruce Wells (A Midsummer Night’s Dream)


  • Garrett Glassman (_______[MXE Milwaukee Mixed])
  • Isaac Sharratt (_______[MXE Milwaukee Mixed])
  • Nicole Teague-Howell (_______[MXE Milwaukee Mixed])
  • Petr Zahradnicek (_______[MXE Milwaukee Mixed])
  • Timothy O’Donnell (more truth than poetry [MXE Milwaukee Mixed])


  • Mark Godden (Angels in the Architecture)
  • Kathryn Posin (Scherezade)
  • Enrico Morelli (The Noise of Whispers [Genesis]) **AC
  • Mariana Oliveira (Pagliacci [Genesis])
  • George Wiliamson (Wonderers [Genesis]) **Winner
  • August Bournonville (La Sylphide)
  • Timothy O’Donnell (Sans Pleurer)


  • Trey McIntyre (A Day in the Life [Kaleidoscope Eyes])
  • Garrett Smith (Addendum [Kaleidoscope Eyes])
  • Timothy O’Donnell (The Sixth Sin [Kaleidoscope Eyes])
  • Septime Webre (ALICE (in wonderland))


  • Riccardo de Nigris (Can I say Something?... [Genesis])
  • Garrett Smith (Mortal Form [Genesis]) **Winner
  • Matthew Tusa (Re:Connection [Genesis])


  • Luca Veggetti (Scene/Six [Winter Series])
  • Gabrielle Lamb (HappenStance [Winter Series])
  • Timothy O’Donnell (Talk to Me [Winter Series])
  • Amy Seiwert (In Passing [Spring Series])
  • Vicente Nebrada (Our Waltzes (Spring Series])
  • Matthew Neenan (Something Borrowed (Spring Series])


  • James Gregg (Biorhythm (Genesis])
  • Lauren Edson (I Hit The Ground (Genesis])
  • Gabrielle Lamb (Manifold (Genesis]) **Winner
  • Timothy O’Donnell (Children of the Wall (Spring Series]) **WP
  • Amy Seiwert (Mozart Requiem (Spring Series])
  • Darrell Grand Moultrie (Simply Sammy (Spring Series])
  • Zahradnicek (Autumn Leaves)
  • York (Celts)
  • Clawson (Crossing Ashland)
  • Alejandro Cerrudo (Extremely Close)
  • Mauro de Candia (Purple Fools)


  • Brock Clawson (Crossing Ashland [Winter Series])
  • Petr Zahradnicek (Autumn Leaves [Winter Series])
  • Mauro de Candia (Purple Fools [Winter Series])
  • Matthew Neenan (The Last Glass [Spring Series])
  • Alejandro Cerrudo (Extremely Close [Spring Series])
  • Lila York (Celts [Spring Series])


  • Mauro de Candia (Something I Had In Mind [Genesis])
  • Lucas Jervies (Smile [Genesis])
  • Edgar Zendejas (Mara [Genesis])
  • Darrell Grand Moultrie (FREQUENCIES LIT [Three New Perspectives Of Dance])
  • Petr Zahradnicek (Broad Waters [Three New Perspectives Of Dance])
  • Diane Coburn Bruning (Ramblin’ Suite [Three New Perspectives Of Dance])


  • Luc Vanier (Sur_Rendered [Innovative Motion])
  • Salvatore Aiello (CLOWNS and OTHERS [Innovative Motion])
  • Timothy O’Donnell (Bolero - Let There Be Light [Innovative Motion])
  • Jerry Opdenaker (Coeur de Basque [Pure Dance])
  • Petr Zahradnicek (Concourse [Pure Dance])
  • Val Caniparoli (Blades of Grass [Pure Dance])


  • Cameron McMillan (ESO [Genesis])
  • Maurice Causey (“city of the shining jewel” [Genesis])
  • Timothy O’Donnell (The games we play [Genesis]) **Winner
  •  Val Caniparoli (Gustav’s Rooster [Live And Kicking])
  • Mark Godden (Wonder Wild (A daughter’s want of her father’s gaze) [Live And Kicking])
  • Margo Sappington (Common People [Live And Kicking])


  • Petr Zahradnicek (Slip [Milwaukee Ballet at the Pabst])
  • Jessica Lang (Beatus Vir [Milwaukee Ballet at the Pabst])
  • Nelly van Bommel (Gelem Gelem [Milwaukee Ballet at the Pabst])
  • Marius Petipa (The Kingdom of Shades [Season Finale])
  • Antony Tudor (Offenbach in the Underworld [Season Finale])


  • Margo Sappington (The Virgin Forest)
  • Trey McIntyre (Second Before the Ground)
  • George Balachine (Agon (Contest))
  • Nelly van Bommel (O Clemens [Genesis])
  • Josef Hajzer (Divertimento for 8 [Genesis])
  • Viktor Plotnikov (Matter in Moment [Genesis])


  • Simone Ferro (Between Physical and Celestial [Milwaukee Ballet at the Pabst])
  • Diego Carrasco (Passage [Milwaukee Ballet at the Pabst])
  • Darrell Grand Moultrie (Vital Sensations [Milwaukee Ballet at the Pabst])






  • Marius Petipa (Don Quixote)
  • Choo-San Goh (Configurations [Galileo])
  • Mark Godden (Angels in the Architecture [Galileo])
  • George Balanchine (Allegro Brillante [Opposites Attract])
  • Alonzo King (MAP [Opposites Attract])
  • Igal Perry (Eye of the Storm [Opposites Attract])


  • George Balanchine (Concerto Barocco [Master of the Century: George Balanchine])
  • George Balanchine (Who Cares? [Master of the Century: George Balanchine])
  • George Balanchine (The Four Temperaments [Master of the Century: George Balanchine])
  • Robert Joffrey (Pas des Deesses [An Evening of Celebration])
  • Kathryn Posin (Tehillim [An Evening of Celebration])
  • Lisa de Ribere (The Mighty Casey [An Evening of Celebration])


  • George Balanchine (Serenade [A Trinity of Dance])
  • Mark Howard (Trinity Irish Dance [A Trinity of Dance])
  • Choo-San Goh (In The Glow of the Night [A Trinity of Dance])
  • David Parsons (Mood Swing [Wild Life])
  • Charles Moulton (Chickens [Wild Life])
  • Charles Moulton (Descarga [Wild Life])
  • James Canfield (Jungle [Wild Life])


  • James Canfield (Equinoxe [Choreographers’ Showcase])
  • Jimmy Gamonet de los Heros (Concerto for La Donna [Choreographers’ Showcase])
  • Charles Moulton (Panoramagram [Choreographers’ Showcase])
  • Ernst Uthoff (Carmina Burana)
  • Jean-Paul Comelin (Les Nuits D’ Ete)
  • Antony Tudor (Continuo; Judgment of Paris; Dark Elegies; Gala Performance [An Evening with Antony Tudor])
  • Michael Smuin (The Tempest)