Make-Up Classes

Make-up classes are offered as a courtesy so steady progress can be maintained even in the event of minor illness, academic commitments, family emergencies, etc.

Students may make up missed classes:

— at any MBSA branch studio location*
— in their same level or one level lower than the class in which they are registered*
— within one month of the class absence
— only after completing the online sign-up form in advance of the make-up class

*Some class sections may not be available for make-up classes due to capacity limits for that specific class or location. Class sections that are available for make-up classes are subject to change and will be listed as options when completing the online sign-up form in advance. Students in Pre-Academy and Academy I may make up one level higher than their level, if necessary, due to the intensity of the Academy schedules.

All students must sign-up in advance to take a make-up class via the online form below.

  • Students (or parents) must complete the sign-up form in advance of the make-up class. Completing the form is the responsibility of the student.
  • Teachers will not communicate about student make-up classes to other teachers or office staff.
  • After completing the online form, students will not receive confirmation of their sign-up but should plan to attend the selected make-up class as indicated on their sign-up form.

Make-up classes may not be done during Open House weeks.